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Chevalier CNC Vertical Maching center VMC-L, VMC, CNC Milling, VMC, CNC Milling

Chevalier CNC Vertical Maching center VMC-L, VMC, CNC Milling, VMC, CNC Milling

Falcon Machine Tools Co. Ltd., Taiwan Make Chevalier Vertical Machining Centers are designed and built to meet the ever-increasing demand for heavy production & high accuracy. Falcon is able to produce this highly efficient machine through the knowledge gained over the long history of manufacturing of quality grinding & milling machine. Chevalier is ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer.

Some to the Outstanding Features of Falcon Model 3060 VMC are as follows:

20 HP High torque AC Spindle Motor provided as standard.
Spindle Oil Cooler (chiller-unit) provided as standard to control the temperature and reduce the thermal deformation.
Spindle Speed is 60-6000 RPM standard.
The spindle is supported by 4 Class 7 (P4) angular contact ball bearings in front & 2 class 7 (P4) angular contact ball bearing at the back. The spindle design is based on high speed & high precision. The spindle is assembled in dust proof & temperature controlled clean room.
Floating Type configuration is employed in the tool unclamping mechanism. The unclamping force is supported by main machine structure. This feature increases spindle bearing life.
The Z-axis counter weight system helps in preventing the tool from digging inside the job on power failure.
The machine structure is highly rigid & stable. The major parts of the machine are made up of high quality FC 30 casting.
The X, Y & Z-axis has box type guide ways, which allows very stable & heavy-duty cutting.
A heavy-duty 4-track saddle guide way design distributes weight evenly to reduce slide deformation.
All slideways are hardened & ground to ensure accuracy.
Heat Exchanger for electric cabinet provided as standard.
High efficient Automatic Lubrication System provided as standard.
All the 3 axes employ C3 Class High Precision 50 mm Ball screw supported by class 7-(P4) 60 degree angular contact thrust ball bearing. The ball screws are directly coupled to axes feed motors. Pre- tensioned ball screws reduce thermal deflection. Ball screws and axis servo motor are connected by flexible couplings which ensure high transmission efficiency & minimum backlash.
The Positioning & Repeatability Accuracy of the machine are within +- 5 microns and +- 3 microns respectively.
Less power consumption and hence reduced Operating Cost.
24 Tools Arm type Rapid ATC is provided as Standard. Machine can also be supplied without ATC if required.




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