Sintered Bearing, Bearing Bushes, Mumbai, India
Tool Room Machinary
Vertical Machining Center / VMC
EDM Brass Wire
Gantry High Speed Milling
  Cylindrical Grinder

Horizontal Machining Center / HMC

Horizontal Machining Center / HMC
Roller Guides assembled with a high degree of parallelism & straightness within 0.002mm.
ATC/APC Cam Mechanism offer vastly reduced idle time.
Self lubricating ball screws & high quality rigid roller guides are used on all linear axes (X/Y/Z).
Telescopic pantograph type guards are used on all axes, assuring minimum vibration & noise even at the machines maximum speeds & feeds.
To achieve high rigidity the rotary table (0.001 resolution) is fitted with a large worm-gear & is supported by substantial bearings. The rigidity of the table allows full use of the powerful spindle motor at the top of the Y axis stroke.
To ensure highly accurate positioning, the rotary table is fitted with inductosyn scale as standard, enabling machines use in a wide variety of precision machining applications.



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