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Internal Grinder NC Series

Internal Grinder NC Series

Features :

  • 1. The entire machine is ergonomically designed for user-friendly operation. The machine bed is manufactured from high quality cast iron, specially heat treated and precision machined to ensure deformation-free performance, year after year.
  • 2. All slideways are lubricated by the static pressure automatic lubrication system, thereby providing extremely smooth movement and maximum wear resistance.
  • 3. All the grinding motions-from rough grinding, dressing, finish grinding to spark out-are fully automatically operated. This provides high accuracy, convenient operation and greatly upgrades productivity. Also, it is excellent for mass production as well as small quantity, flexible workplace grinding.
  • 4. The workhead spindle runs on a high precision roller bearing featuring high accuracy, high rigidity and silent running. The workhead can be swiveled at clockwise 7° ~anticlockwise 8°, allowing for grinding tapered workpleces.
  • 5. Precision ball screw combined with servomotor drive provide feed speed change.
  • 6. The servomotor features compact construction, superior torque output, fast speed response, high accuracy and stability.
  • 7. The slide reciprocating movement is driven by a hydraulic system, providing variable speed change and superior stability.
  • 8. NC controlled automatic dressing with compensation.
  • (1). In case a diamond or CBN grinding wheel is applied, a selection of no dressing is available.
  • (2). For hard-to-grind parts, a multiple dressing mode can be selected to ensure the desired grinding quality.
  • 9. To meet mass production requirements, automatic loading and unloading equipment is available to provide a fully automatic operation.

  Specifications :

Grinding capacity 6~150mm
Max. workpiece length 150mm
Swivelling over table dia. 520mm
Workhead cover swivelling dia. 320mm
Max. table traverse 540mm
Max. table feeding speed - Z-axis 7.2m/min(Hydraulic/1Axis)
spindle speed 0~550 RPM
X-axis feed speed 50 mm/min
X-asix minimum travel unit 0.001mm
Z-asix minimum travel unit -
Workhead swivel Clockwise 7° ~ Anticlockwise 8°
Height from wheel spindle to floor 1060 mm
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank 60L
Workhead motor 1 HP, 4P
Hydraulic pump 2 HP, 4P
Grinding wheel motor 2 HP, 4P
Cooling system motor 1/8 HP, 4P
Workhead slide feeding motor 400 W
Machine gross weight 2100 kgs



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