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  Features :

  • Grinding Wheel Side
  • 1. The double support bearing type spindle offers even grinding force distribution on the contact surface. During grinding the stress is even on two ends to avoid taper shaped work pieces.
  • 2. Diamon roller dressing device can be attached to the double support wheel unit, features stable dressing reducing dress worn out. (Special Type)
  • 3. Oil mist lubrication device aids wheel spindle lubrication, clean and
  • constant temperature.
  • Regulating Wheel Side
  • 1. Instead of using hydraulic driving system, the regulating wheel is driven by linear motor. This improves dressing speed and stable control.
  • 2. Adjustable worm shaft eliminates the gap, increases transmission efficienct and lifetime.
  • 3. The one “ V ” & one flat feeding slide design reinforces the feeding stability. The entire feeding slide is hand scrapped to reduce friction and to increase accuracy of jog movement.
  Specifications :

Specification Model PCB-6030
CAPACITY Max workpiece O.D Ø150mm
Grinding Wheel Wheel Size (O.D x W x I.D.) Ø610 x 305 x 304.8 mm
Wheel Speed 3000 m/min
Drive motor 30 HP x 4P (22.5kw)
Dressing type Single point type dressing device / Roller type dressing device (Special Type. Optional)
Regulating Wheel Wheel Size (O.D x W x I.D.) Ø355 x 305 x Ø203.2
Wheel speed 10 ~ 300 R.P.M
Drive motor 5 kw Servo motor
Infeed device Regualting wheel lower slide CNC1 axis control (with digital linear scale)
Drive Motor Hydraulic pump 1/4 HP x 4 P(0.18 kw)
Coolant pump 1 HP x 2P (0.18 kw)
R.W.Dressing MSS425-412W2E (25w)
Controller Control System FNAUC Oi-TD
Dimension L x W x H 3015 x 2205 x 2045
Net weight 6800 kg
Special Type CNC2 ~ 6 axis control various automation devices various automatic feed and discharge device
Various coolng device Work rest for big O.D. Work rest for long workpiece



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