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Centerless Grinder NC Servo Series

Centerless Grinder NC Servo Series
  Features :

  • 1. Rigid Machine Structure
  • (1) The machine structure is manufactured from high quality Meeharite cast iron, heat treated and stress relieved before machining.
  • (2) Sideways are high frequency hardened and precision ground. Maximum material stability for deformation-free and outstanding wear resistance.
  • 2. Precision Spindles
  • (1) The grinding wheel spindle and the regulating wheel spindle are precision machined from Nickel Chromolybedenum alloy steel (SNCM-220). Also, they are subject to various treatments such as: normalized, tempered and carburized hardening. Then, the spindles are thru sub-zero treated – under zero degrees, precision ground and precision machined.
  • (2) The inside of spindle is tempered to hardness HRC 25°~30°, while surface hardness reaches over HRC 62. The precision ground spindle is excellent for heavy-duty machining and features powerful torque, long service life, deformation-free and maximum wear resistance.
  • 3. Slide Table
  • (1) Upper slide swiveling is easy and accurate to adjust for making the machine suitable for infeeding grinding. Also, it allows grinding for a varied diameter fo workpieces. The Upper slide with +5°~-5° swiveling allows taper grinding by using infeed grinding mode.
  • (2) With thrufeed grinding, the Upper slide provides a surface contact adjustment between the workpiece and grinding wheel. Swiveling adjustment range is +5°~-3°.
  • (3) Dovetailed slideway on the upper slide features smooth and accurate feeding and is lubricated by a centralized lubricator.
  • (4) The bottom slide moves on “Λ” shaped and double-wedged ways.
  • The slideways are hardened and precision ground. They feature smooth movement and properly protected to prevent dust from entering. Micrometric feed adjustment unit is 0.001 mm to meet high accuracy requirements for all workpieces.
  Specifications :

Grinding Wheel
Standard grinding range (Dia.) Ø1~Ø40 mm
Capacity increases with special arrangement Ø30~Ø60 mm
Grinding wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø305 x 150 x Ø120
Grinding wheel speed 1900 R.P.M.
Grinding wheel motor 7-1/2 HP x 4P
Regulating Wheel
Regulating wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø205 x 150 x Ø90
Regulating wheel speed 10 ~ 300 R.P.M. (Variable)
Regulating wheel motor 1.5 KW servo motor
Regulating wheel tilt angle +5° ~ -3°
Regulating wheel swivel angle ±5°
Handwheel Graduation
Upper slide feed graduation 4 mm/rev. 0.025 mm/graduation
Upper slide micro-feed graduation 0.1 mm/rev. 0.001 mm/graduation
Lower slide feed graduation 7 mm/rev. 0.05 mm/graduation
Lower slide micro-feed graduation 0.2 mm/rev. 0.001 mm/graduation
Trimming device graduation 1.25 mm/rev. 0.01 mm/graduation
Drive Motors
Hydraulic pump motor 1 HP x 4P
Coolant pump motor 1/8 HP x 2P
Machine Dimensions
Machine Dimensions 1750 x 1050 x 1400 mm
Net weight 1700 kgs
Gross weight 1950 kgs



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